You're a Healthcare Hero!

If you would like to receive donations of printed Face Masks then register now and get started!

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A Healthcare Hero wearing a 3D printed face mask
A screen shot of the 3DArmy order processing system
Screenshot from inside the system

Quick Start Guide

If you already know about this site and just want to get started, here's what you need to do:

  1. Register on this site.
  2. Browse the Product Catalogue.
  3. Submit a Request for the items you need.*
  4. Wait for a Printer to find your Request and agree to print for you. THAT'S IT!

* If you offer to reimburse the printer for the cost of postage, we can significantly increase the footprint and range of your Request advert.

Can we really just "ask" for free face masks?

YES! That's the whole point of this. All the Printers and Drivers who have registered on this site want to help their local community by contributing their time, materials and effort to support their local Healthcare Heroes... That's you! All you have to do is follow the Quick Start Guide above and it won't be too long before somebody steps forward to help you.

How does this all work?

This site connects local Healthcare Professionals and establishments with local volunteers in their own community. The basic principal is that you open a Request for a donation of printed face masks or parts, then a local (or national if you're happy to pay postage) Printer will see your request and will commit to printing either some or all of the equipment you need as a donation for you. You will be able to see who is printing your Request and the status of everybody's activities to help you in real time. Once you receive all of your printed equipment, we ask you to mark your Request as complete so everyone can see you've received their donations.

The software is really easy to use. It's just like placing an order for something and being able to track it through it's manufacturing process. There's a small screenshot of one of the pages inside the system included in this page to show you what it looks like.

Who are we and what's all this about?

We are a worldwide Army of volunteer 3D Printers and Drivers who want to help our local Healthcare Heroes by printing and donating face masks and other items to help mitigate the risk of Covid-19 infection for the people who work at the front line.

This site is free to use and has been designed, built and maintained by AB Software in Sweden.

The basic idea is for you to use this site as a dating agency between your organisation, the people in need of supplies and volunteers out there in your local community who have a willingness to help.